Artist Statement

As a child I left the comfort of home for secret rescue missions in the backyard. I saved the cat from Barbie and Ken gang members by hiding him in a bed fort safe house

The world created as a little girl never faded. As I assemble a collage I find myself inside the imagery. A visual storyteller; every image is another chapter in the story.

Jayne Surrena graduated from the University of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing and Masters of Arts in Teaching the Visual Arts.
Jayne’s photographic collages appeal to multiple audiences. She combines satirical humor with human observation. The simple, unclouded assemblages lure the viewer one after another.
This Philadelphia artist’s work has appeared in multiple publications, galleries and projects worldwide. Some highlights include Gawker, Art Basel Miami, The Wall Breakers, Philadelphia Stories, Art Takes Times Square, Art NewsPaper, Art Scene News, UnCommonGoods.